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AF&PA Highlights Domtar Employees’ Sustainability Focus

Domtar works to support sustainability initiatives

The pulp and paper industry is investing in the health of forests, and sustainability remains a high priority for the next decade. According to its website, Domtar is committed to the environment and to seeing its team recognized for their focus on sustainability.

The American Forest and Paper Association, of which Domtar is a part, recently released five sustainability goals for the industry to meet by 2030:

  • Zero injuries
  • Resilient forests
  • Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Drive water stewardship
  • Advance a circular value chain

AF&PA also highlights sustainability work at individual companies and advocates for the industry on important issues, such as recycling, postal reform and consumer choice of paper communications.

Two of AF&PA’s recent blog posts have featured people from Domtar team who are making a difference in the company and the industry.

Paige Goff, Domtar’s vice president for sustainability, spoke about the company’s commitment to community engagement at sites across North America.

“At Domtar, we are very proud to support the communities in which we operate. We not only provide monetary support, but in many cases, more importantly, volunteer hours,” she said. Read more of her featured post here.

Chuck Daniels is a registered forester who works at Domtar’s Plymouth Mill and shared his insights on forestry and education. Here’s an excerpt from AF&PA’s blog:

Daniels believes education is where he can make the biggest impact. It’s one of his top priorities to further the health of our nation’s forests.

What does it look like?

Part of the solution is sharing information and resources. This can help give our forests the best possible care and to ensure they’re around for generations to come. Daniels thinks we could not only sustain but improve the potential of our forests.

“An actively managed forest is a resilient one if managed properly,” he said. “The future of sustainable forestry is achieved by everyone working together. Industry representatives, landowners, educators and extension personnel, just to name a few.”

In addition to AF&PA, Domtar works to support sustainability initiatives with other industry partners, such as the Paper and Packaging Board and American Forest Foundation.

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