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Lucart promotes workplace health and safety

The project will feature the participation of Lucart's own workers starring their own families

For Lucart, a leading company in Europe in the production of tissue products, protecting health and safety at work is a core value. “We have prepared a special campaign that will be launched soon in the framework of the many activities for raising awareness of the importance of individual responsibility and prevention among workers,” the company said on its website.

The project will feature the participation of Lucart’s own workers starring their own families. “Safeguarding the well-being of the community to achieve a shared vision of the future is a daily commitment for Lucart for personnel and society as a whole”, they comment.

The campaign will consist of two parts. The first focuses on general awareness-raising, prompting reflection on actions and will be combined with messages based on higher values ​​that invite reflection on the consequences of actions at work, but also at home and during free time.

The campaign highlights three key actions to consider before acting:

  • When in doubt, stop: stopping when you are unsure of the procedure to be followed is the first step towards awareness
  • Think before you do: every action has its own procedure that makes it safe. When in doubt, stopping and thinking is a priority to avoid risks
  • Don’t take risks, ask: always ask your supervisor about the best way to proceed when you are not sure about the right procedure

The second part of the campaign aims to raise awareness about the most frequent and present risks in the factory, such as the risks of amputation, tipping and falling from a height or those related to Covid or electricity.

The entire campaign aims to highlight the fundamental role of prevention that can be achieved through adequate training, information and awareness in the company. “Only by working together and respecting the rules can we achieve safety at work and guarantee well-being and tranquility at home and in our leisure time,” they concluded.

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